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US Interest Rates and China’s Debt Burden in 2019-2020

US interest rates and China’s economy will interact with one another in 2019-2020 as China’s debt levels become unsustainable. The Federal Reserve’s power to influence global interest rates will be the determining factor for the global economy. The Fed will have to move quickly to contain the fallout of the crisis from harming other indebted emerging economies, with an eye to ensuring the continued supremacy of the US dollar. Interest rates and currency exchange rates may fluctuate significantly in a several brief time periods, as forecast in this analysis. 

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OPEC Sept 2016

Members of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) will meet after the International Energy Forum being held September 26-28, 2016, in Algeria.

Transiting Pluto will return to direct motion on September 26 at 14* Capricorn, conjoining progressed Saturn in the second house in OPEC’s chart. Transiting Mercury turns direct on September 22 at 14* Virgo, forming a trine to Pluto and progressed Saturn. There will be talk of a freeze, but with transiting Jupiter and the Sun at 3* Libra in the tenth house, any arrangement will be what OPEC leadership (i.e., Saudi Arabia) wants.

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Mary Schoeppel
China Financial Collapse 2019

The Asian currency crisis of 1997 was foretold by two important astrological configurations in the first quarter of 1997: a stellium of Jupiter, Uranus, Ceres, and Mercury at 5* Aquarius on February 13; and a total solar eclipse at 18*31’ Pisces on March 9. These two configurations were the planetary setup that simply needed to be triggered to create a domino effect.

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