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OPEC Sept 2016

How Low Can Oil Go?

Members of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) will meet after the International Energy Forum being held September 26-28, 2016, in Algeria.

Transiting Pluto will return to direct motion on September 26 at 14* Capricorn, conjoining progressed Saturn in the second house in OPEC’s chart. Transiting Mercury turns direct on September 22 at 14* Virgo, forming a trine to Pluto and progressed Saturn. There will be talk of a freeze, but with transiting Jupiter and the Sun at 3* Libra in the tenth house, any arrangement will be what OPEC leadership (i.e., Saudi Arabia) wants.

Aspects to the founding chart for OPEC for late September 2016 show open conflict amongst its members. Pluto squares natal Venus at 14* Libra, and opposes progressed Mars at 17* Cancer. Not all members are in agreement with OPEC’s policies, and action taken in this time period will instigate a long-term shift away from membership, as Libra/Venus rules the eleventh house of groups and associations.

(If you want to skip the drama and cut to the chase, scroll down to the NYMEX chart.)

On September 26, the transiting Sun conjoins transiting Jupiter at 3* Libra, with both of them at the same position as natal Mercury in OPEC’s chart:

Falling in the tenth house of OPEC’s chart, this Sun-Jupiter conjunction signifies that the leadership of OPEC (i.e., Saudi Arabia) wants to continue the status quo, which would be no production limits. (A production freeze at current levels equals the same thing.)

The Sun-Jupiter conjunction squares progressed Jupiter at 2* Capricorn, in the second house of finance (oil prices). Neptune and Jupiter are the planets of oil. Natal Neptune at 7* Scorpio trines the natal Moon at 7* Cancer in the eighth house, indicating the purpose upon which OPEC was founded: to regulate the price of oil through regulating production by OPEC members. But now transiting Hades at 7* Cancer conjoins the natal Moon. Both are opposed by progressed Jupiter at 2* Capricorn. The world is drowning in oil, and OPEC finds itself flailing to direct events which its policies instigated, but which now overwhelm it (a common symptom of Neptune).

The Saturn-Neptune square, which has been in effect over the course of 2016, greatly impacts the OPEC chart, as Saturn 11* Sagittarius (on Sept 26) conjoins the natal Ascendant at 9* Sagittarius. This square aspect has thrown a wrench in Saudi Arabia’s strategy of squeezing profits of their US shale competitors, causing a squeeze on their own economies (and possibly forcing a change to the religious/political alliance of the Wahhabi clerics and the House of Saud).

Looking at transits and progressions to the OPEC chart for September 17, 2016 is more revealing of the true situation and the nature of the members’ conflict.

Transiting Mars at 24* Sagittarius on September 17 falls in the first house of OPEC’s chart, and forms a Grand Trine with transiting Uranus 24* Aries and natal Uranus at 24* Leo. Mars interacting with Uranus indicates anger and frustration that can no longer be contained, and as this Grand Trine falls in Fire signs, “anger” is the operative word.

Mars rules Scorpio, the sign of the twelfth house of secret enemies and major errors. It also rules Aries, the sign of the fifth house of speculation and foreign ambassadors. Mars is influencing that transiting Uranus in the fifth house.

Mars as ruler of the house of secret activities indicates that the real action has already taken place during the weekend of September 17-18, for that is when Mars conjoins progressed Venus 23* Sagittarius and natal Jupiter 25* Sagittarius, opposing natal Mars at 27* Gemini. This opposition forms a T-square with transiting Sun at 26* Virgo.

An individual member (Mars, and Uranus in Aries) of OPEC openly challenges the leadership and status quo (Sun in tenth house) about oil prices (Venus and Jupiter). But as Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign of the first house, this challenge goes beyond the production/oversupply issue of the moment, and attacks the fundamental nature of OPEC itself.

Comparing the charts of the member countries to that of OPEC, one country stands out as the most likely culprit in instigating this attack: Iran.

In Iran’s chart, transits and progressions for September 26 reveal that Iran is in an aggressive mood: transiting Uranus 23* Aries conjoins progressed Mars 24* Aries, identifying Iran as the “Uranus” in the room.

Furthermore, that transiting Uranus squares the progressed Moon at 24* Cancer in OPEC’s chart, showing OPEC as recipient of the anger. Note that transiting Venus 23* Libra opposes Uranus at 24* Aries, and they form a T-square with that progressed Moon.

Does Iran throw in the towel? Or just have a hissy fit?

It goes back to Mars as ruling the house of secrets, also considered the house of “slave revolts” in the older terminology. In this case, it’s the revolt of the Houthis against the government of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a war between proxies of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

But the market wants to know: what happens to the price of oil?

Using the first trade date chart for NYMEX light crude oil as an astrological proxy for oil prices*, all signs point to LOWER oil prices:

On September 26, transiting Mars at 29* Sagittarius conjoins progressed Neptune and the natal South Node at 29* Sagittarius, all squaring the position of the total solar eclipse that occurred on March 20, 2015 at 30* Pisces. As Pisces/Neptune/Jupiter rules oil, and the South Node is involved, the direction points down.

Another confirmation of a lower oil price is transiting Saturn 11* Sagittarius conjoining progressed Jupiter and progressed Uranus at 9* Sagittarius. Note that the Saturn-Neptune square of 2016 interacts closely with these progressed planets.

Using this NYMEX chart, November 2, 2016 looks like another drop in the oil price, with a perhaps a lower low occurring on November 10:

Transiting Venus 29* Sagittarius passes over progressed Neptune and the natal South Node, while transiting Jupiter 14* Libra opposes natal Mercury at 14* Aries. Mercury rules the sign on the natal Ascendant (Gemini), pointing to a medium term low.

*I use this chart as a proxy for oil because my research has shown that the prior lows (in 1985, 1988 and 1997) were timed by the Neptune/South Node and Jupiter/Uranus configurations in this chart.

Mary Schoeppel