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Yachts of money are ready to cruise into Greece due to the July 1, 2015 Venus-Jupiter conjunction (21* Leo). On that day Venus and Jupiter conjunct progressed Venus in Greece’s natal chart, in the second house of finances and currency.

But before they do, Greek banks undergo a crisis; some may collapse. There is extreme pressure on the Greek government (progressed Saturn conjunct the Ascendant, opposed by Pluto), and unfortunately, austerity is still in the mix. The people are united behind the government, for the most part (progressed Moon on the Midheaven), but the opposition to Syriza is very loud and outspoken (progressed Mars conjunct progressed Mercury, opposing progressed Moon). Expect aggressive protests due to possible runs on the banks and subsequent closures.

Two eclipses are driving this Greek drama: the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015, and the lunar eclipse of August 18, 2016.

The total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 indicates that the very real possibility of a return to the drachma is looming in the summer months of 2015. This eclipse interacts with the chart for May 2, 2010, (when Greece agreed to a bail-out and imposed austerity) in an adverse way: the eclipse point of 29* Pisces sits on the position of Uranus, the planet of war, in the May 2 chart. This eclipse made a big impact on the chart for the ECB (European Central Bank), for the eclipse landed directly on the progressed Moon, at 29* Pisces.

The time period Jun 14-23, 2015 indicates very antagonistic negotiations between Greece and the “institutions,” due to the Sun and Mars in Gemini, squaring the eclipse configurations. The anger and aggression of Sun-Mars in a volatile sign like Gemini makes it easy to cut Greece out of the EU, whether that is a good idea or not.

Early July 2015 has Mars and Hades at 4* Cancer, conjunct Greece’s natal Venus and squaring Greece’s natal Moon-Pluto conjunction at 4* Libra. This is lethal, and could indicate the cause of a devastating mistake on the part of the Greek government. These aspects also hint at competing sources of rescue funds.

On July 11, the position of Mars at 11* Cancer gives the upper hand to Greece’s creditors, even though their position is also precarious, given that Mars is in its fall in Cancer. The configurations of the time period from July 11 to August 8, 2015 are similar to those of the natal for Cyprus on March 21, 2013, when the ECB said it would not extend ELA funding past March 25, 2013 – thus forcing the Cypriot parliament to approve an austerity plan and bail-out for its banks.

The ECB may keep the ELA spigot open past July 1, 2015, but then Venus goes retrograde on July 25, 2015 at 0* Virgo, exactly squaring the ECB’s progressed Sun at 0* Sagittarius and transiting Saturn at 28* Scorpio, also retrograde. The ECB and EU reverse their position on extending largess and cut off ELA funding to Greece sometime between July 25 and August 8, 2015.

It is at about this time that those yachts of money head out for Greece. Some other European countries may send rescue funds, but the country whose natal chart ties into Greece’s natal at this time is Russia. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction on July 1 squares the Russian natal Venus-Pluto conjunction at 21*-22* Scorpio.

Furthermore, Greece’s progressed Moon at 23* Pisces trines Russia’s natal Venus-Pluto. Mars and Hades at 4* Cancer conjunct Russia’s progressed Moon, also at 4* Cancer – which means Russia’s progressed Moon is conjunct Greece’s natal Venus at 3* Cancer. This is the key aspect showing Russia as Greece’s “benefactor.” That each nation’s progressed Moon aspects the other’s natal or progressed Venus, shows a tie of need and dependence based upon money and political expediency. 

Talks with Russia are top secret at this time – all that planetary activity centers on the twelfth house in Greece’s chart. Greece now wants to replicate Iceland’s comeback from their 2008 default – but Iceland was able to do so with funding from other countries AND the IMF. Greece has already missed payments to the IMF. But Russia’s chart indicates that they are eager to come to the financial rescue of Greece. Greece is flirting with the idea of accepting funds from Russia at this time, but the planetary configurations do not show a wholehearted confirmation of a deal. The real danger here is that Greece is moving towards Russia as an ally.

If Greece were to accept funds from Russia, there would not be just strings attached, but possibly chains. Such a deal would affect Greece profoundly. The ramifications could be harsher than the onerous debt that has been forced upon Greece in the past several years.

The indications are that Greece manages to remain in the EU for now, but their situation worsens in September and November 2015. A definite exit from the EU is coming in 2016, with the New Moon of June 16, 2015 signalling the beginning of the end.

The August 18, 2016 lunar eclipse at 26* Leo-Aquarius interacts with progressed Venus at 25* Leo and natal Mars 28* Leo in the Greece natal chart. On August 24, 2016, Mars and Saturn at 9* Sagittarius signal the point at which everyone throws in the towel. In mid to late August 2016 Greece leaves the EU.

This is because the August 18, 2016 eclipse interacts with the EU 1993 natal. The eclipse interacts with progressed Saturn at 24* Aquarius and forms a Grand Cross with the natal Mars-Pluto conjunction at 24* Scorpio opposition the natal Moon at 24* Taurus. The cluster of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in late Virgo falls in the 2nd house of the EU natal. This definitely signals the end of a member’s participation in the economic union and their drop of the euro currency. Because planetary aspects to the Greece natal on August 24, 2016 seem to indicate an election, it could very well be a referendum vote to leave the euro.

Greece is drifting towards ever more radical government, due to Neptune (9* Pisces) opposing the progressed Sun, and these form a T-square with natal Neptune (7* Sagittarius). The government may shift further to the left during late October to the end of December of 2016.

Mary Schoeppel