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Iran: Turnover of Leadership

The first Saturn return for the modern state of Iran occurred on August 5, 2008. Comparing the Saturn return chart to Iran’s natal chart (formation of current Islamic Republic, April 1, 1979) shows two important configurations:

Mars 21* Virgo opposing Uranus 22* Pisces in the return chart forms a T-square with natal Neptune 20* Sagittarius.

Mercury 21* Leo opposing Neptune 23* Aquarius in the return charts forms a T-square with natal Uranus 20* Scorpio.

Saturn is in the 2nd house of the natal chart, ruled by Virgo and Mercury. Pisces and Neptune rule the natal 8th house. The Mercury-Neptune-Uranus T-square shows disruption of oil revenue – this was already occurring, due to sanctions that the West began imposing in 2006, and which became more acute when Iran was cut off from processing many financial transactions through SWIFT in 2012.

It also shows how Iran deals with outside influences – its “enemies.” Iran builds its national identity by contrasting itself, its deep religious fervor, to the “loose” morals of its enemies in the West. This tactic becomes more entrenched in the 30 year period covered by the Saturn return. The yod formation of Ceres 23* Cancer sextile Mars 21* Virgo, both inconjunct Neptune 23* Aquarius, in the return chart indicates that laws are enacted that express a harsher, more militant interpretation of Islam. This is not popular with the people, leading to an extreme rejection of religious leaders by some segments of society.

With the return Pluto 28* Sagittarius squaring natal Mars 25* Pisces and natal Mercury 27* Pisces, and return Pluto trine return Venus 29* Leo, financial restrictions are aggravating an already restless populace, who are concerned about an economic collapse. The economic instability caused by sanctions, combined with popular rejection of a return to more repression of freedom of expression, stir social unrest to the point of outright rebellion.

The Mars-Uranus-Neptune T-square indicates an internal, covert battle for control to remain the hands of religious leaders, the ayatollahs. Those who resist this are brutally repressed. This shows a populace at war with their dictators, who blame Western nations for meddling in domestic affairs – return Moon in the 7th house and Cancer ruling the 4th house of the return. It is true that the West is fomenting resistance to some extent – Libra rules the 7th house of the return chart, and Venus, ruler of Libra, is in the 6th house – but mostly, the common people are very dissatisfied with the way the nation is run; Neptune’s position at 5*-7* Pisces in 2014 opposing natal Saturn shows that they want to stop the disintegration of their economy.

The interaction of two eclipses with the Saturn return show a turnover in leadership. The March 20, 2015 solar eclipse occurs at 29* Pisces, squaring the return Pluto. Uranus in this eclipse chart is at 15*28’ Aries, conjunct the point of an eclipse which occurs on October 8, 2014 at 15*7’ Aries. Uranus squares Pluto in the March 2015 eclipse chart. Neptune 8* Pisces in the eclipse chart opposes natal (and thus return) Saturn 8* Virgo. The involvement of Neptune and the eclipse falling in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, indicate a more conservative religious leader is put in charge.

When might these influences be triggered, and a new leader installed? There are two time periods within the next year.

Using progressions and transits to the natal chart, August 25-26, 2014 shows Mars and Saturn 17* Scorpio conjunct progressed Uranus 19* Scorpio opposing the progressed Sun 15* Taurus, forming a T-square to Venus 17* Leo. Taurus and Venus rule the natal 10th house of leadership and the presidency, and the Sun indicates the leader. (HOWEVER, Venus also rules the 3rd house of neighbors, and transiting Venus in the 1st is the 10th – leader – of a neighboring country.) Furthermore, at the same time, Uranus conjuncts progressed Venus at 16* Aries, both in opposition to progressed Pluto 17* Libra, indicating a sudden, perhaps heavy-handed, removal of the current executive leader. (but not necessarily the executive leader of Iran). The Sun-Mars, Saturn, Uranus-Venus T-square in angular houses shows Iran exerting its power on the international stage, and in response to a threat of their territory. In this case, “domestic territory” includes that of weaker neighboring countries – Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, rules the 4th, but both progressed Pluto and progressed Mars are in the 3rd and 9th houses relating to neighbors and “close relatives.” Transiting Uranus is activating progressed Venus, in the 9th and ruler of the 3rd. Iran may decide it is time for new leadership in Iraq, whether the current leader of Iraq agrees with them or not.

Using transits to the March 20, 2015 eclipse chart, on August 28, 2014, the South Node is conjunct the position of Mars at the time of the eclipse, and the Sun on August 28 squares the position of Saturn at the time of the eclipse – a further indication of a change of leadership during this time period.

The period of January 14-19, 2015, sees the Mercury-Neptune opposition in the Saturn return chart being activated by Venus 23* Aquarius at the same position as the return Neptune, with Mars conjunct Neptune 5* Pisces opposing the return (natal) Saturn in a T-square with Saturn 2* Sagittarius. A popular leader may be sacked. A reversion to a very conservative religious leadership is indicated, and protests erupt.

Mary Schoeppel